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Sylvie X Chen


我們因何蛻變,戰爭還是性別 ? 

未來的某天,真實的愛人將會消失,人們只需要在加油站直接往肚臍上充滿所謂愛OIL. 一個愛的眼神或真實肌膚的味道將不再被認知. 這種情形不是你我它雨夜中詭異的夢, 而是傳統愛的模式崩坍瓦解下, 液態的愛,流動的愛, 多角的愛,無重力的愛,如何在未來發生的想像。 古希腊哲学家柏拉圖 ,在二千年前 Symposium《宴話篇》中提問愛的本質和美德: 愛是對美的企盼,美貌、智慧 長相廝守,兩人間只有美德與知識的交流最為崇高。 二千年後的今日科技和機器幾乎可以替代所有,愛的感觀有朝一日終被取代嗎? 

What changed us ? Wars or Sex ? 

In the future one day people don't have real lovers any more, they go to petrol station to charge for some love through the hole on the belly, nobody even know the taste of a real skin either a look of love ... such a strange dream appeared in a rainy night as liquid love, multi love, fiction love, all or something about futurist love , same questions already raised in the Plato time . Machines & technology is replacing everything , would love or say our true feelings replaceable IN A future?  


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